Australian's future concerns 2020


Future expectations influence decisions made today.  When making purchasing and investment decisions our choices can have an impact on our future.  So too with ballot box decisions.  When we buy a house or use social media our choices have future implications for us and the community.

Future concerns have been researched by foreseechange occasionally since 2002.  The relative levels of future concern about issues has varied significantly over this period.

This November 2020 update comes at an important time, as Australia slowly emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic and the economy recovers.  A federal election is due in 18 months, but could be called earlier.  Politicians and business decision makers need to ensure they are aware of the relative level of concern about social, economic, and environmental future concerns.

Issues rated included health, education, crime, climate change, housing affordability, corporate ethics, security of private information, adequate water supply, traffic congestion, unemployment, cost of living, having enough money to live on, and Australia's economic growth rate.

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