Consumer Pulse flash report June 2019

Consumer Pulse flash report June 2019


The consumer financial mood is gauged on the basis of several proprietary measures from tracking surveys conducted by foreseechange since 2003.  These include willingness to spend, expectations about interest rates, house prices, the economy, and employment.  These have proven abilities as leading indicators of consumer spending and saving; and the unemployment rate.

The most recent update, in June 2019, provides an indication of how the income tax cuts will be used.

This flash report also contains tracking data on the perceived likelihood that particular events will occur in the year ahead (such as a severe economic downturn).  This is the wisdom of the masses and is used in prediction.

Also, future concerns is measured - how concerned consumers expect to be about selected issues in the foreseeable future.  The cost of living is the top future concern out of 12 issues canvassed. 

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