Climate change beliefs

Our report analyses the drivers of changing beliefs about climate change in Australia and the USA.  A second report is in preparation, which analyses support for particular strategies to mitigate climate change.


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We don't all believe that the climate is changing and that human activity is causing climate change.  This report analyses several different sets of data, collected over the past decade, to identify what factors influence variations in belief.  Also analysed is survey data concerning the relative importance of climate change.  The report concludes that there is not sufficient conviction amongst the general public to force politicians to take decisive action to mitigate climate change.  There is a need to change strategy and relevant suggestions are put forward. 


This report shows that climate change is starting to influence our choices about where we live.  This is a statistically significant trend for Tasmania, which may be replicated in other locations. 


The level of belief in imminent climate change is back to the level it was in 2007, the last time Labor won government from the Coalition.  The level of belief, and support for action, is analysed over time, by demographic, and by location including selected federal electorates.  The implications for the election and for communications are discussed.  The level of support for particular actions is analysed.


Parts of Australia are in severe drought.  This is costly to the agriculture industry and the federal government is providing billions of dollars in assistance.  This drought is primarily caused by very low rainfall, but is made more severe by extremely high summer temperatures.  This report analyses to what extent the general public expect drought to continue and how concerned they are about adequate water supply.