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Foreseechange provides forecasting and analysis services to clients in a wide range of industries. We also sell reports at an affordable price. These reports are updated regularly and contain valuable insights about the future business strategy and government policy environments.

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Collapse in Australian consumer spending.  Consumer spending growth has slumped, to September 2019, despite recent attempts at fiscal and monetary stimulus.  This report explains why and provides a strategy for success.
Drought in Australia (November 2019).  Consumer expectations about drought, concern about adequate water supply, and links with climate change beliefs.
Australia's population outlook (November 2019).  The outlook for births, deaths, net migration, and population growth for 2020 and 2021.
Alcohol consumption projections (October 2019).  Analysis and quantification of the drivers of alcohol consumption in Australia.  Projections to 2030.
The Wisdom of the Masses for 2019_20. Forecasts and insights based on Wisdom of the Masses surveys.
New vehicle sales outlook (September 2019).  Forecasts to 2025.
Why Labor lost the seemingly unlosable 2019 federal election. August 2019.  A new way to predict Australian federal elections.
Predicting inaccuracy in economic forecasts.  July 2019.  Essential reading for risk management.
Young Australian adults in 2019 (June 2019). Updated October 2019.  The willingness to spend of young adults (age 18 to 29) has been at a record low since late 2016.  Their willingness to spend is lower than for older adults.  Their highest priority is saving, followed by loan repayment.  This change in behaviour has been damaging for those consumer marketing organisations that disproportionally target young adults.  Why has this happened and is there any improvement in sight?
Australia's economic outlook (May 2019).  Official economic forecasts have only just been revised downwards, despite months of warning signals.  This report provides analysis and a view on the outlook.
Climate change beliefs and the 2019 federal election.  The level of belief in imminent climate change is back to the 2007 level, when it was a major factor in the 2007 election outcome.  This report analyses the implications for the 2019 election.
Searching for a cool change.  Evidence that climate change is starting to influence our choices about where we live.  April 2009.
Thought for food - the key drivers and growth scenarios.  March 2019.
Australia in 2019.  Is the Resrve Bank of Australia still too optimistic?
Forecasting: the essential skills.  A wide ranging book which identifies important skills needed for successful forecasting.
New vehicle sales outlook for 2019 and 2020.  January 2019.
The potential health impacts of Australia's differential rates of population growth, November 2018.  Increases in the prevalence of several diseases is likely without preventive action.
Retail sales outlook October 2018.  Analysis of economic drivers and consumer spending sentiment.  Scenarios for the next 18 months.  The likely impact of the imminent federal election.
The consumer spending sweetspot.  Analysis of household income, wealth, spending, and willingness to spend by broad age group.  September 2017.
A perfect storm for Australian retailers in 2017.  What can consumer marketers do to improve growth?
The driver of extreme ENSO events.  The causal factor has been identified, so prediction is possible.
Boost consumer spending growth using differences in Interest Rate Sensitivity.  Consumer interest rate sensitivity has changed substantially over the las decade.  This 2016 report explains why.  Also details how the Australian government could boost consumer spending growth.