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Foreseechange provides forecasting and analysis services to clients in a wide range of industries. We also sell reports at an affordable price. These reports are updated regularly and contain valuable insights about the future business strategy and government policy environments.

To purchase reports from this website, select a report and then click on the title for further information. You will then be able to buy the report if you choose to. Payment is via PayPal and you will have a period of 24 hours within which to download the report. Most reports are in pdf format but some are in powerpoint or other commonly used formats.
The Wisdom of the Masses for 2021: expectations about what will happen (January 2021).
Predicting the outcome of Australia's next federal election (January 2021).  The polls got is very wrong in 2019 - here's how we can predict more accurately.
Australian's future concerns (November 2020). Expected concerns about specific issues in the future affect decisions made today - such as political, investment, and purchasing decisions.  This report analyses the relative level of expected future concern about a range of issues.
Forecasting skills (2020).  Essential information for both decision makers who rely on forecasts and forecasters who wish to improve their skills.
Futurescape (September 2020).  What does 2021 hold for Australia?  We asked the experts.
First home buyer boom set to continue (September 2020, updated December 2020).  Based on proprietary tracking data and official data, a unique set of favourable conditions has craeted a boom.
Low fossil fuel consumption vehicle sales scenarios (June 2020).  Scenarios for sales to 2030.
New vehicle sales outlook (June 2020).  Forecasts from 2020 to 2025.  Includes analysis of drivers and scenarios for the rate of recovery.
Drought in Australia (November 2019).  Consumer expectations about drought, concern about adequate water supply, and links with climate change beliefs.
Forecasting: the essential skills.  A wide ranging book which identifies important skills needed for successful forecasting.
The driver of extreme ENSO events.  The causal factor has been identified, so prediction is possible.