Consumer Financial Mood January 2019

Consumer Financial Mood January 2019


The consumer financial mood is gauged on the basis of several proprietary measures from tracking surveys conducted by foreseechange since 2003.  These include willingness to spend, expectations about interest rates, house prices, the economy, and employment.  These have proven abilities as leading indicators of consumer spending and saving; and the unemployment rate.

The most recent update, in November 2018, indicates that the consumer financial mood is holding up reasonably well.  The main factor holding back spending growth is weak income.  There has been an increase in pessimism about the economy, but not to the extent observed in late 2008.  The cost of living is the top future concern, although other issues are not far behind.

The report identifies a number of opportunities and threats which may influence consumer spending over the next 6 to 12 months.  It also identifies those consumers who are most willing and able to spend.

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