Climate change beliefs

Climate change beliefs

The first two reports documenting our research are now available. Others are in preparation

The climate change game change reviews trends in temperature, both global and in Australia, the impact of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide, trends in belief in imminent global warming, and trends in Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. The strategic implications are discussed. As 2016 is an election year in Australia, politicians need to have a good response to the recent trends. Includes an appendix on temperature and belief trends in the USA.

Factors influencing changing beliefs over time about the existence of global warming identifies and quantifies the drivers of changing beliefs about global warming and support for generic action. It is based on time series of consumer surveys in Australia and the USA and offers a new perspective on the decline in belief in the existence of global warming observed in both countries from late 2008. It quantifies the relationship between temperature and belief in global warming and between belief in global warming and support for generic action.

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We don't all believe that the climate is changing and that human activity is causing climate change.  This report analyses several different sets of data, collected over the past decade, to identify what factors influence variations in belief.  Also analysed is survey data concerning the relative importance of climate change.  The report concludes that there is not sufficient conviction amongst the general public to force politicians to take decisive action to mitigate climate change.  There is a need to change strategy and relevant suggestions are put forward.