Australia in 2018Things are looking rosy for Australia in 2018 - but there are paradoxes.  Analysis of trends, opportunities, and risks.

Resolving climate change.  Beleifs amongst the general public change over time and convictions are not strong enough to force effective action.  How can we change this situation?

The drivers of consumer spending in Australia.  The drivers are identified for both retail sales and household consumption expenditure.  Also the outlook and scenarios.


The performance of political forecasting.  Important learnings from previous forecasting errors.

House price leading indicator.  Unique indicator predicts house price inflation in the months ahead and scenarios for 2018.

Consumer Pulse: recovery or recession?  October 2017 analysis of trends and scenarios.

Wisdom of the masses for 2018.  Consumer expectations present some challenges for Australia's federal government.


Australia's population trends 0917.  Population trends and demographic, economic and social impacts.


The consumer spending sweetspot.  Analysis of household income, wealth, spending, and willingness to spend by age group.  September 2017.


Automotive trends, September 2017.  Analysis of several automotive trends, their drivers, and future outlook.

Standstil 2017.  The outlook for Australia's economy, trends in driving forces, and implications.

A perfect storm for Australian retailers in 2017.  What can consumer marketers do to lift growth?

Boomerang Offspring.  Young adults have substantially changed their priorities and behaviour since 2010, which has been bad news for several industries.  This report provides the evidence and discusses the implications.

The driver of extreme ENSO events.  The cause has been identified and a degree of predictablility of their thiming is now possible.


Economic forecasting with the Wisdom of the Masses.  This report provides compelling evidence that conventional economic forecasting cannot predict turning points, but that surveys of the general public can be analysed to predict turning points and levels of activity.


New vehicle sales forecast for 2017 and 2018.  The outlook for luxury vehicles and electric vehicles.  Drivers of road deaths in Australia.

Boost consumer spending growth based on differences in Interest Rate Sensitivity.  Consumer interest rate sensitivity has changed substantially over the las decade.  This 2016 report explains why.  It shows how the government could boost spending growth in a low interest rate environment.
State Indicators of demand.  Analysis of nine indicators, two of which are unique.
Forecasting: the essential skills.  A wide ranging book which identifies important skills needed for successful forecasting.
Drivers of Climate Change belief.  Analysis of both Australian and US opinions about climate change, which identifies the factors which cause variations in the level of belief.  Based on data up to March 2016.
Climate Change Game Change.  2015 was a year of major changes in terms of beliefs about climate change and support for action to mitigate it.  This report documents the important changes.
































House price leading indicator.  Unique indicator predicts house price inflation in the months ahead and scenarios for 2018.