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Foreseechange provides forecasting and analysis services to clients in a wide range of industries. We also sell reports at an affordable price. These reports are updated regularly and contain valuable insights about the future business strategy and government policy environments.

To purchase reports from this website, select a report and then click on the title for further information. You will then be able to buy the report if you choose to. Payment is via PayPal and you will have a period of 24 hours within which to download the report. Most reports are in pdf format but some are in powerpoint or other commonly used formats.

NEW January 2016
The climate change game change - a review of temperature and belief trends in Australia and the USA

Updated April 2016, analyses both Australian and USA data

UPDATE: April 2016

New Vehicle Sales Forecast

UPDATE: April 2016

Retail Sales Forecast includes survey-based leading indicator and scenarios.

NEW: February 2016: The Wisdom of the Masses for 2016 and a forecast for Australia's GDP growth in 2016.

February 2016
A book aimed at improving the accuracy of forecasts across several fields.

Released on 28 November 2015
Consumer Pulse + Leading Indicators
Our November 2015 survey of willingness and abiliy to spend has important news about consumer spending in early 2016. Based on our tracking surveys, leading indicators of consumer spending have been developed.

Released on 30 November 2015
Australia in 2016: forecasts, trends, challenges.
NEW September 2015
NEW July 2015